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Skillenai is your professional development guide for every step in your career. By being intentional and strategic in your professional development, you can shorten the timeline to your next promotion.

Our personalized action plans help you identify skill gaps and introduce you to resources needed to fill them. We are your partner in setting development goals and tracking progress towards them.

Data Science Track

There’s always more to learn in the field of data science, whether you’re trying to land your first job or already leading a team.

Our Career Wizard for data science will generate your personalized action plan, complete with recommended resources such as courses, projects, conferences, podcasts, and more – all tailored to your experience level and career goals.

Land Your Next Role

With Skillenai, you will outgrow your current role sooner than expected. When that time comes, our Next Role tool will be by your side.

The easiest path to your next role could be internal or external. We can help you explore both options. For internal roles, learn to have the right conversations and create the right opportunities. For external roles, enjoy our personalized job recommendations or leverage our job board and networking tools.

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