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Where are all the generative AI job postings?

The data science blogging community has been fascinated with generative AI over the last few months, proven by the fact that a peak of almost 14% of all data science articles mentioned ChatGPT in mid-April 2023. That’s why I was completely shocked to discover that data science job postings in June 2023 almost never mentioned […]

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Most Prolific Data Science Bloggers of 2023 H1

A thriving community of data science bloggers has been extremely active in the first half of 2023, helping us all come to grips with the revolutionary advances in generative AI such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and more. Here at Skillenai, we have gathered data on over 9000 articles from over 2000 unique authors, providing us […]

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Designing a Blog Ranking System

Every year a slew of top blog lists are published for every topic under the sun (think “Top 10 Blogs in Data Science for 2020”). Most are manually curated, many are biased by the business interests of the publisher, few are data-driven, and none give you a voice. This article is my plan for solving […]