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Most Prolific Data Science Bloggers of 2023 H1

A thriving community of data science bloggers has been extremely active in the first half of 2023, helping us all come to grips with the revolutionary advances in generative AI such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and more. Here at Skillenai, we have gathered data on over 9000 articles from over 2000 unique authors, providing us a glimpse into the most active voices in the data science space for this period. This rich dataset, which also powers our popular email digest, reveals the top 20 authors by article count.

Top Data Science Authors

Rank Domain Author Articles
1 Andrew Gelman 226
2 Nathan Yau 167
3 Editorial Team 161
4 K.sabreena 158
5 Yana Khare 130
6 avcontentteam 105
7 Galen Druke 94
8 KDnuggets 85
9 Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH 80
10 Daniel Gutierrez 58
11 Bruno Gonçalves 58
12 Michael Laux 51
13 Nathaniel Rakich 51
14 Mohit Pandey 50
15 Austin Chia 49
16 Dr. Gleb Tsipursky 48
17 Christiana Nicole 46
18 Nisha Arya 46
19 Abid Ali Awan 44
20 Simon Constable 44

Rundown of Top Data Science Bloggers

The top spot is taken by Andrew Gelman from ‘’ with an impressive 226 articles. I hadn’t personally read any of his work before now, and honestly don’t see how it’s humanly possible to write so much content (maybe some generative AI to help?). His content seems fairly political anyway, so I generally wouldn’t recommend it for data science practitioners.

Second on our list is Nathan Yau from ‘’ with 167 articles. Known for his ability to tell stories with data, Nathan’s contributions are a staple in the data viz community. His insightful visualizations and unique perspectives have solidified his place among the most prolific bloggers.

The ‘’ Editorial Team secures the third spot with 161 posts, showing that teamwork can indeed make the dream work! Their combined effort has resulted in a steady stream of articles, touching on various aspects of big data and its implications across different industries.

The team at ‘’ has three bloggers, K.sabreena (158 articles), Yana Khare (130 articles), and avcontentteam (105 articles) in the top 20, making it a significant source of data science knowledge. Their contribution to the field through high-quality, practical, and accessible content has benefited a large number of data science enthusiasts and professionals.

Galen Druke from ‘’ is another name that stands out, having written 94 articles. Fivethirtyeight is known for their statistical analysis of politics, poll averages, and sports.

The domain ‘’ also has three authors in the top 20 – KDnuggets (85 articles), Nisha Arya (46 articles), and Abid Ali Awan (44 articles). As one of the oldest and most respected platforms in the field, it continues to be a major source of data science information.

Mohit Pandey of ‘’, a prominent tech journalist covering the AI industry, has published an impressive 50 articles. Analysitcs India Magazine has several other journalists in the top 30 as well.

Other prominent bloggers from different platforms include Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH from ‘’, Bruno Gonçalves from ‘’, and Michael Laux from ‘’, among others. Each of these authors has brought their unique insights and expertise to the data science community, consistently providing high-quality content.

Bonus: Top Authors from Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is arguably the top data science publication on the web today. Indeed, they had a whopping 1700 articles published in 2023 H1 by an amazingly diverse set of 704 unique authors. Given their prominence and volume, I was surprised none of those authors rose to the top 20 list.

Hence, I’ve decided to add a special section to showcase the top 10 authors on Towards Data Science by article count.

Rank Author Articles
1 TDS Editors 26
2 Bex T. 21
3 Andy McDonald 20
4 Leonie Monigatti 17
5 Vitor Cerqueira 17
6 Soner Yıldırım 17
7 Thomas A Dorfer 16
8 Giorgos Myrianthous 16
9 Marcello Politi 14
10 Egor Howell 14
11 Benjamin Marie 14
12 Thuwarakesh Murallie 14

Special Bonus: Blogs with the Most Authors

I mentioned that Towards Data Science has the most authors with 704, so who are the other massively-multi author blogs out there in the data science community? Here you have it.

Rank Domain Authors
1 704
2 354
3 192
4 164
5 153
6 141
7 139
8 104
9 44
10 39

Closing Thoughts

While the count of articles gives us a measure of the most prolific authors, it is the diversity of ideas, perspectives, and insights that truly enriches the data science field.

Each author on these lists has played a significant role in disseminating knowledge, inspiring new thoughts, and nurturing the global data science community, but those 2000+ other authors who didn’t make the top lists are also crucial for ensuring diversity of ideas.

Our community is enriched not only by prolific bloggers but also by the large multi-author sites that provide platforms for any data scientist to share their knowledge.

About the Data

Now a final note about this data: please keep in mind that the data set compiled by Skillenai may not be perfectly complete and accurate, and does not cover every data science blog.

How Can I Keep Track of so Many Great Data Science Bloggers?

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Jared Rand

By Jared Rand

Jared Rand is a data scientist specializing in natural language processing. He also has an MBA and is a serial entrepreneur. He is a Principal NLP Data Scientist at Everstream Analytics and founder of Skillenai. Connect with Jared on LinkedIn.

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