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Where are all the generative AI job postings?

The data science blogging community has been fascinated with generative AI over the last few months, proven by the fact that a peak of almost 14% of all data science articles mentioned ChatGPT in mid-April 2023. That’s why I was completely shocked to discover that data science job postings in June 2023 almost never mentioned […]

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Is the ChatGPT Hype Subsiding in Favor of Open Source LLMs?

ChatGPT has revolutionized the field of data science within a very short time. As great as ChatGPT is, it’s closed-source nature limits its usage by data scientists to prompt engineering. But a zoo of open source large language models (LLMs) such as Falcon, Gorilla, Llama, and Orca have made rapid advancements in recent months. So […]

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Is Google’s Search Generative Experience a Win for Programmers?

Google has a long history of creating waves in the tech world with its innovative ideas and algorithms. Its latest venture, the Search Generative Experience (SGE), is no different. On paper, it’s an ambitious move that aims to evolve the way users engage with search results by offering AI-generated mini-articles. However, it also raises questions […]

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Storytelling kids toy powered by ChatGPT

My son is turning 5 years old in 6 weeks and I want to build him the most powerful toy robot the world has ever seen. This robot’s superpower will be…chatGPT. Requirements Plan Hardware Inspiration Software Inspiration First Story My prompt Write a story for a 5 year old about monsters and transforming robots where […]