Online Courses

Online data science courses offer a flexible, low-cost means of acquiring new knowledge.

There are a number of platforms offering courses relevant to data science. The platform is generally less important than the content covered in individual courses, but some platforms offer better value than others. You can trust our independent reviews of platforms and courses to help guide you while selecting a course.

It’s also important to consider a wide variety of course topics. Data science is by nature a multi-disciplinary field, combining elements of statistics, computer science, and domain expertise. It’s difficult to acquire and maintain skills in all three (hence the persistent shortage of data scientists in the job market). But a thoughtful learning plan can help you round out your skills and be competitive in the job market.

Without further ado, here is our list of top data science courses online.

  1. Data Scientist with Python – DataCamp
    • This is a series of introductory data science courses that will prepare you for your first data science job.
    • Recommended for aspiring data scientists with existing foundations in a technical field (e.g. bachelor’s degree in science or engineering).
    • Datacamp offers video lessons and interactive coding exercises.
  2. Leading People and Teams – Coursera
    • This is a series of general leadership courses that will prepare you to move into management.
    • Recommended for mid-career data scientists interested in the management track.
    • Coursera offers video lessons, discussion boards, and peer-reviewed assignments.
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